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Finally, Parked Trucks Are Getting Off Roads And Bridges In Lagos (PHOTOS)



Last week Wednesday, the Nigerian Presidency issued a directive for the immediate clearing up of the Apapa gridlock and the restoration of law and order in its environs within 2 weeks.

Roads affected are roads that lead to the two seaports in Lagos state – the Apapa Port Complex and the Tin Can Island Port.

The major cause of the gridlock on affected roads are parked heavy-duty trucks along affected roads.

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Less than a week after that directive was issued, parked trucks are speedily disappearing from major roads and bridges that they are known to have parked trucks parked on.

Traveling along the Ikorodu expressway down to Eko Bridge, not a single parked truck was seen. This reality gives the roads a more organize outlook, thus enabling a free flow of traffic on the busy expressway.

This is not the first time parked trucks have been relocated from these expressways and bridges. So, is it safe to say this is freedom at least from the nuisance of parked trucks in Lagos?

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