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Fire Hydrant: What Is This Device Found By The Road Side Used For? (PHOTOS)




These devices are typically found by the roadside or on the pavement. Have you ever wondered what they are used for?

Well, this device is known as the fire hydrant.  They are designed to instantly provide the water required by firefighters to extinguish a fire.

They are constructed and placed by the roadside or inside or outside a building, parking area, industrial area, etc. They are placed in these places so that fire-fighters can plug their hose to them in order to get water supply in the event of a fire outbreak.

The fire hydrant is necessary because fire trucks tank can run out of water in their tanks, or they might not have enough water in their tanks to extinguish a fire. So when they run out of water, they can plug their hose to a hydrant and continue fighting the fire.

Firefighters usually have to use a special pentagonal wrench to remove the valve covers on a fire hydrant. Once the covers are removed, firefighters can attach hoses to the valves. They then open a valve that allows water to flow through the hydrant into the hoses.

So where does the water come from? Most of the time, the water comes from a public or private water source in the neighbourhood. For instance, the water from a fire hydrant by roadsides in Lagos is supplied by the Lagos State Water Corporation.

In most part of the world, it is an offence to park by a fire-hydrant. Because, in case of emergency, a car parked by a hydrant might hinder its use by a fire-fighting team.

Does that law exist in our traffic laws in Nigeria?
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