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Beware – You Need To See This If You Drive A Diesel Powered Vehicle





This should be an eye opener to diesel engined car owners. The condition and quality of diesel in the Nigerian market is appalling. I have observed that there is so much adulterated diesel in circulation that can ultimately clog up your fuel system with catastrophic consequences to your engine as well as associated emission components. I have worked on diesel engines for over 30 years now and this is the worst condition of sludge and dirt that I have ever found in any diesel fuel tank.

Most diesel fuel bought on the black market and also gas stations could possibly be contaminated with dirt and water that can potentially cause engine malfunctions that could adversely affect your fuel economy. A Toyota Prado diesel was brought into my workshop as a non-starter and further diagnostics revealed what you see in the pictures below.

1. Diesel fuel tanks (Main and reserve) was filled with sludge and water.

2. Diesel filters in the fuel tanks was completely covered in sludge.

3. Engine bay filter was completely blocked with dirt.

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A proper wash of the fuel tanks and brand new filters had the vehicle back on its feet and now drives superbly.

Avoid black market diesel and change your filters regularly (every 10,000kms).
Clean out your fuel tanks (every 20,000kms)


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1 Comment

  1. sholly

    June 12, 2017 at 16:43

    Very informative . Thanks for the info !

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