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Ford’s Smart Jacket For Cyclists Has Indicators And Brake Lights Just Like Cars



This prototype smart jacket from Ford’s Smart Mobility team is currently being tested in London .

The smart jacket is connected to the smartphone and designed to make road conditions safer for cyclists.

When the jacket is on, the navigation app will find a less congested route,give directions and vibrates to let you know when to turn.

When the rider is about to make a turn and the arm is lifted to notify other road users, a flashing brake light at the back of the jacket flashes to let cars know the cyclist is slowing down.

With this jacket ,you don’t need to take your eyes off the road when cycling or tap your smartphone screen when you have an incoming calls.

Project lead for the Ford Smart Mobility team said:
“The smart jacket concept helps us to better understand how the different players that are a part of the urban mobility ecosystem – cyclists, cars, and pedestrians – can better co-exist through the application of smart technologies and how we can apply those learnings to future ideas.

“There is an immediate change in mind-set once there is no longer any need to stop to consult navigation apps directly on your phone – or worry if you’re heading into a particularly busy or dangerous road junction.”

This smart jacket will surely make road conditions safer for cyclists by keeping them more focused and attentive on the road while also alerting drivers.

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