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Legendary Nigerian Icon, Late Hubert Ogunde Poses With His Volvo 144 (Throwback Photo)



Late Chief Hubert Ogunde is a man who needs very little introduction. Known as the father and pioneer of the Nigerian entertainment industry even in death. Literary giant Wole Soyinka called him a grand old man of Nigerian theatre.

Born on May 31, 1916, at Ososa, Odogbolu local government in Ogun state, Ogunde died on April 4, 1990, at the age of 73.

He was one Yoruba actor that became a national legend for his anticolonial plays during the colonial era. His plays though presented in Yoruba language was watched in Nigeria, Africa, and abroad. Even in death, Ogunde is referred to as the doyen of African Theatre.

Below is the throwback of Hubert Ogunde posing with his Volvo 144 in the early ’70s

Legendary Nigerian Icon, Late Hubert Ogunde Poses With His Volvo 144 

It is very obvious from all indications that Late Hubert Ogunde was affluent at his time. Although his net worth isn’t calculated. His Volvo 144 car’s price range is between $1,450- $3,850.

About Ogunde’s Volvo 144

Legendary Nigerian Icon, Late Hubert Ogunde Poses With His Volvo 144

In August 1966, Volvo presented a new 4-door car called the Volvo 144. It represented the start of an entirely new car series which, until 1974, accounted for Volvo’s volume models.

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