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Hyundai Casper EV Set For European Launch Later This year



Hyundai is working hard on a compact and very likely price-wise interesting electric car for the European market. This is a fully electric version of a car that already exists: the Casper. The Hyundai Casper is only 3.61 meters long and strikingly playfully designed hatchback, on which Hyundai has, in addition to a cheerful design sauce, also poured crossover elements. The Hyundai Casper was presented in 2021 and is currently only for sale in Hyundai’s home country and only with combustion engines. However, the Casper will not stay in South Korea. It will come to Europe but with a fully electric powertrain.

These spy shots shot in northern Sweden show a packed Hyundai Casper. You would think that the camouflage work is no longer necessary; after all, the Casper has been around for a few years. Under the car we seem to see the housing of the battery pack and most likely this packed test model has exchanged its open grille at the front for a largely closed panel. Just like the Korean Casper, this model has lighting at the front spread over two floors. We see flat LED daytime running lights high in the snout and a layer below the actual round headlights. The rear lights of the Casper are also clearly visible. These are located just below the rear window and the number of segments that make up the light units decreases towards the center.

Is it nothing but speculation that Hyundai will bring an electric version of the Casper to Europe? Certainly not. Lioniel French Keogh, head of Hyundai’s French department, has already confirmed to the French Auto Moto that the Hyundai Casper will come to Europe with an electric powertrain. The electric Hyundai Casper promises to be by far Hyundai’s cheapest electric car in Europe. It will be a direct competitor to cars such as the Dacia Spring and the Citroën ë-C3. Hyundai will most likely not link the Casper to the Ioniq line in Europe. After all, it consists of models that have been developed as EVs and have no brothers or sisters with combustion engines.

Hyundai Casper ICE Model

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