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Inside Volkswagen’s Massive Glass Towers Where 800 New Cars Are Stored For Pickup



Volkswagen’s Autostadt ( or Automobile City ) houses two 160 ft high glass tower that can store about 800 custom-ordered Volkswagen models , in addition to a huge car museum ,hotels, restaurants and theme park.

Both glass towers are connected to the Volkswagen plant – the world’s largest car manufacturing plant, by a 700 metre underground tunnel.

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The pavilion has a technology that automatically moves cars from VW’s Wolfsburg plant to the towers where they are stored for roughly 24 hours before being collected by their owners.

When cars arrive at the towers, they are carried up by the Robotic arms at a speed of 1.5 metres per second into parking spaces.

These 400 a car automated delivery towers,which is also the Worlds Biggest Car Delivery Centre and the World’s fastest automatic parking system, have help Volkswagen deliver around 600 cars every day to its customers .

If you are in Wolfsburg, Germany, you can always buy a ticket to see these amazing Volkswagen “Disneyland” of cars.

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