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Italian Design Legend Giorietto Giugiaro Praise Tesla Cybertruck Looks




The Tesla Cybertruck manages to divide opinions quite a bit with its bizarre appearance. In any case, there is a big name among the ‘fans’: none other than Giorgietto Giugiaro thinks the design is a success.

The first Volkswagen Golf, Lancia Delta and Fiat Panda, the Maserati Bora, the Lotus Esprit, and a whole series of Alfa Romeos. It is just a selection from the very extensive portfolio of the Italian design legend Giorgietto Giugiaro. When he says something about your design, you listen carefully. Well, the good man (85 years old now) has something to say about the Tesla Cybertruck. And he’s quite positive.

The man behind the DeLorean, also made of stainless steel, thinks the Cybertruck is daring and calls it, intended as a compliment, ‘the Picasso among cars’. He said this in conversation with the Italian newspaper  La Repubblica. Giugiaro does pass over a few Citroëns, although probably not many people will blame him for that. Giugiaro believes that the Cybertruck, just like artist Pablo Picasso – represents the ‘dissolution of reality’. The Cybertruck is also peppered with sharp folds and lines and an abstraction that characterizes many works of Picasso. According to Giugiaro, the design of the Cybertruck further represents ‘the search for emotion and robustness’.

Special words addressed to Tesla and it doesn’t stop there. Giugiaro thinks that choosing this bizarre design will not do Tesla any harm. “It will be a huge success because people want to stand out.” We’ll see if he’s right.

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