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Lady Reveals How She Got Rid Of A Taxify Driver Disturbing Her Friend



Lady rid Taxify Driver

Lady Reveals How She Got Rid Of A Taxify Driver.

Taxify Driver Disturbing

A lady on Twitter has revealed how she and her friend got rid of an alleged Taxify driver disturbing her friend. The name of the Twitter user is Bolaji Billions and her moniker is @pinkbee_.

Read through their chats and see how they put the Taxify driver in a tight corner. They really threw him off balance. The alleged Taxify driver had to flee.

In her tweet, she wrote;

How to get rid of a taxify driver 101

So a taxify driver has been disturbing my friend so we did this today
😂😂😂 he blocked us last last!

See a chat of how she got rid of the Taxify driver below;

Taxify Driver Disturbing

Taxify Driver Disturbing


Lady rid Taxify Driver

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