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7 Major Causes Of Car Problems In Nigeria



Like all things made by man, they’ll have one fault or another. Today, AutoJosh will be looking at 6 major causes of car problems that most motorists face.

Lets us begin.

 1.  Fuel

This is one of the major causes of car problems in Nigeria. Many of us don’t know the type of fuel that is recommended by the manufacturer of our vehicles. Even those who know, are usually stuck with a single octane grade fuel which is bad for some premium vehicles. If you drive a premium car that requires a minimum of 93 octane fuel, you are either stuck with whatever grade you find in Nigeria or you get an octane booster. We’ve also seen cases of petrol and diesel that contain water. Bad fuel is a major reason why the check light of our car is usually on.

This is why some people prefer to patronise local dealerships who sell tropicalised cars if they can afford it.

2. Bad Roads

Bad roads have been a common sight in Nigeria for a long time. Bad roads can cause serious damage to cars especially the shocks, engine mount and other components which can get broken. Due to the bad roads, many Nigerians prefer to use SUVs in order to enjoy better shock resistance as well as ground clearance.

3. Ignorance Of Owners

This problem should even be the crown of all problems. Many drivers technically have no idea of how to take proper care of their cars. There is always this attitude that “The car strong die” as if it can’t develop any fault. They forget it’s a machine that can fail anytime. In order to ensure your car is properly maintained, don’t forget to read these 5 VITAL STEPS

4. Unprofessional Technicians

Has your mechanic ever returned your car to your worse than it was when you gave it to them? You are not alone. Many car owners have been victims to unprofessional technicians. While some mechanics are outrightly untrained, others deliberately take advantage of you by using substandard parts. An average Nigerian can’t really afford to get their cars fixed at a dealership or a professional repair centre, so they are left to be at the mercy of ill equipped technicians. If you want to know about your car more than your mechanic, THIS post is meant for you.

5. Purchase Of Accidented/Problematic cars

This is a big big problem and Nigerians always fall victim to this rising trend. In most cases, they buy the badly accident cars on a cheap, fix and refurbish them and they use them. In another scenario that is even more terrible is that dealers will also buy cars dead cheap, fix and sell as clean tokunbo cars. This is why you must carry out a VIN check before you buy a car. See 12 reasons why you need do a VIN check before you buy a car HERE. So please, prospective buyers should beware. VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number.

6. Substandard Spare Parts

As long as you own a car you must buy parts. Cars parts must wear out over time and must be replaced. Some vehicle users buy cheap or substandard parts which will further damage the car and cause another problem to arise. In some cases, mechanics also buy substandard parts and fix them without your knowledge. The interesting fact is, 1 original part is usually cheaper than replacing a fake part 3 times. Apart from costing more money in the long run, fake parts can also cost you more time at the repair shop or eventually lead to a fatal accident.

7. Some Cars Are Bad Omen

Some cars are just out there to suck you dry. Electrical issues today, suspension issues tomorrow. You change suspension parts every month but the car still feels like you’re driving around with a dozen stainless plates dragging underneath the car. You run from mechanic to mechanic, but it seems like the more you run around, the more the required deliverance continues to elope the car. In this instance, would you rather count your losses and move on or ride the car till it dies?


We’ll leave you with this question and would love to see your response in the comment section below. Who is to blame the most for car problems? Is it Cars, Owners, Technicians or Government? is an authoritative car blog in Nigeria. Its objective is to get Nigerians and a wider audience to be more informed about automobiles, the automotive sector and transport infrastructure. Over the years, we have been instrumental in creating immeasurable public awareness about automobiles and their maintenance, safety and traffic laws, amongst others. ...Your mobility, our priority. EH

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