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This Machine Moves Concrete Road Barriers Back And Forth To Free Congested Traffic



There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck in traffic and seeing the traffic in the other lane( with fewer cars ) flowing during the early morning and evening rush hours.

But in US ,especially on the Golden Gate Bridge, these oversized mechanical zipper – Developed by Lindsay Transportation Solutions , takes charge of the situation by changing lanes twice a day to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

See how it works
During peak times of the day when traffic is heavier on one side of the road, the Road Zipper will move the Concrete barriers ( linked together with steel connectors ,with each weighing over 1,000 pounds or 450 kg) to about 10 feet over, thereby turning a congested 2 or 3 lanes into 3 to 4 lanes to accommodate more cars.

They are also used to improve traffic flow through a construction sites and are far better than using a forklift or earth movers to move the concrete barriers.

This technology is now being used more and more around the country.

Do you want the Nigerian government to embrace the same tech in order to free the ever congested roads?