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Man Praised Toyota Engineers After Surviving This Horrific Crash With A Truck



By looking at these pictures, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could have walked away from this Toyota MR2 wreck.

Not only did the driver manage to free himself from the pile of twisted metal, he also left the wreckage unharmed, apart from a few scratches and bruises.

According to carscoop, the owner of the car, Scott Shepherd, was driving his Toyota MR2 Spyder  when a speeding Pickup  suddenly entered his lane.

As it did, a bucket flew out from the back of the pickup , so he had to swerve to avoid hitting it. But he lost control of the 2001 MR2 and did a 180 turn under an oncoming truck.

The massive accident left the front end of the car crushed and the man trapped in the driver’s seat, without being able to move his legs. So he took off his shoes, cut the roof and bended the frame to free himself.

Shepherd said:

“Other than a couple of scratches and bruises, I walked away unharmed”

“Truly blessed. I left the emergency room without even a band aid. Kudos to Toyota engineers. I shouldn’t be here right now”

It is sheer luck he wasn’t killed or seriously injured in this violent crash with the Truck. What do you think?