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Man Turns His Mazda Miata Into A Cadillac Eldorado (Photos)



Man Turns His Mazda Miata Into A Cadillac Eldorado

In the past, we have seen Toyota MR2 transforming into a Ferarri and a Solara into a BMW, now a Mazda Miata has been transformed into a Cadillac Eldorado. Although this will be the tiniest Eldorado because the original was humongous. The whole looks of the car are wrong but nobody can deny the work done by the modifier. Well, let’s see what the modifications are put into this Mazda Miata Eldorado or whatever it is.

On the front, we can see aside of the regular Miata headlamps there’s also a Toyota Celica lamps fitted. It makes the entire front bizarre as it replaced the factory fitted popup lights. It really leaves a sour taste in the mouth just by looking at it but it doesn’t end there. The rare is really the most impressive portion of the car as it almost perfectly mimics the look of the classic Cadillac with the same large fins, taillights, and grilles, all miniaturized to suit the smaller size of the Miata.

The rear looks impressive although the overall looks are still weird and that is where it all ends. On the interior, nothing changed as we believe the owner wants some modern stuff to remain. Miatas were popular small sports cars back in the day and its popularity has increased ever since. This model is the 1st generating and it’s powered by a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine.

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