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See How A Man Born Without Legs And Arms Enters And Drives His Converted Mercedes Sprinter




See how Janis McDavid, a German man born without legs and arms enters and drives his converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minivan.

German automaker Mercedes-Benz offers a large range of individually adapted driving aids for numerous vehicle models ex-factory.

This means that people with restricted mobility can have their new vehicle equipped with controls and steering aids, as well as devices specifically for persons with a disability, pedal modifications, entry and exit aids or specially adapted seats.


One of these conversions is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minivan that was specially designed for Janis McDavid who was born without arms and legs.

His specially converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is proof that a physical disability need not be a handicap.


Janis, a highly-acclaimed German speaker/author for the past 27-years, said he doesn’t miss not having any arms and legs.

“I don’t miss them”. Janis is convinced that “if you want to, you can achieve anything!”


Freedom thanks to the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minivan


With his high electric wheelchair, Janis drives into the Sprinter from the rear at the touch of a button.

The doors open automatically and a ramp lifts his electric wheelchair up and into the van.


As soon as his wheelchair is securely engaged in position, Janis uses his mouth to do what others would do with their hands.

He even inserts the key using his mouth. Once on the drivers seat, he makes a well-trained turn to reach for the seat belt and then engages it into the mechanism using his head.

Acceleration, steering and braking are all carried out with the aid of a joystick which he grips under his armpit. Janis loves the freedom he has when he’s on the road in his converted Mercedes Sprinter minivan.

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