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Mercedes-Benz Uses ChatGPT For Voice Assiatant



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You can have entire conversations with AI chatbot ChatGPT and that sounds like music to Mercedes-Benz’s ears. It, therefore, integrates the artificially intelligent chatter into some of its cars, to make the voice assistant more versatile.

This year ChatGPT has been extended in the news several times because of the enormous possibilities with it, but also because of the possible downsides. In any case, Mercedes-Benz sees a welcome addition to the AI ​​interlocutor. It makes ChatGPT available in more than 900,000 cars in the United States to support its own voice assistant. Owners of those cars can participate in a beta test with ChatGPT-supported voice control if they wish.

After an over-the-air update, the voice assistant has the versatile ‘brain’ of ChatGPT, so you can ask your car just about anything. You can have whole conversations with it if you want. Pure gimmick? Well, not quite. It ensures that the car can pass on even more relevant information, without you having to take your eyes off the road. Mercedes-Benz promises to store the conversations anonymously in its own cloud before they undergo an analysis. The beta test lasts three months. It may then be rolled out to other countries.

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