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Why You Should Never Overtake A Truck At A Roundabout Or Risk Being Crushed



Trying to sneak around an trucks or trailers at a roundabout can put you at risk of being crushed even if the driver is doing their best to avoid it.

There is another problem with trucks that could put the driver at risk. Large proportion of trailers have steering that is not 100 per cent accurate, meaning there are alignment issues between the front and the rear wheels.

On a motorway or straight road it doesn’t cause too many problems but ,on a small roundabout it’s more pronounced.

One of the biggest issues facing truck drivers is visibility of the truck’s entire surroundings. Small cars are among those most at risk and can easily get lost in blind spots due to the high-riding read position.

This causes the biggest issues for drivers on roundabouts due to the limited space and the sheer size and weight of these trucks.

So it is advisable for drivers not to undertake a lorry or truck at a roundabout as the body could drift into you and be potentially dangerous.

A good rule of thumb for articulated vehicles at a roundabout is that you should always stay behind if you can and not risk trying to undertake.

As any truck driver will tell you, they sometimes need a bit of extra space to move down the road. Visibility can be restricted, and no amount of mirrors will allow all of the blind spots to be monitored all of the time.

By applying some simple rules and sharing the road space, we can make life easier for all of us.