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Renault And Volvo To Build Electric Vans Together



A special new partnership is being forged: Renault and Volvo will set up a new company for the development and production of electric vans.

Renault currently develops and builds its own vans and also shares a number of them with other brands. More fully electric ‘vans’ will be available in the future. Renault will develop and build this together with Volvo. Renault Group and Volvo Group (parent company of Volvo Trucks, among others, and of the separate Volvo Cars for years) are joining forces and want to start a new company next year. The French transport company CMA CGM is also joining in.

So two French parties are involved and the still unnamed company will also operate from France. Renault Group and Volvo Group will each own 50 percent of the company and will each invest 300 million euros in it. CMA CGM has signed a letter of intent stating that it ultimately wants to invest 120 million euros in the company. The transport company will probably also have an interest in it and may also drive the vans.

There are no details yet about the delivery vans to be built. There is talk of a ‘new platform’ in which software plays a central role. The vans must prove their added value in the delivery and rental sector, among other things. The latter is interesting; There may also be personal versions in the pipeline. We’ll hear more early next year.

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