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New Mini Cooper: Modern And Retro Without Instrument Cluster



The Mini Cooper, which will succeed the current three and five-door hatchbacks from Mini, is still very recognizable as a Mini, although quite different. This will also apply to the interior of the Cooper. Mini is now releasing the first photos of it.

It’s quite bubbling at Mini. There will be a completely new Countryman in the foreseeable future, in 2025 that SUV – of which an electric version will also be available for the first time – will have a smaller fully electric brother that will be called Aceman and the Cooper. The Mini Cooper will replace the brand’s three and five-door hatchbacks. Although the five-door does not come as an EV, the three-door variant will come with fully electric powertrains in addition to electrified combustion engines. That hardware is packaged in a playful way, entirely according to Mini tradition. Like its predecessors, the new Cooper clearly shows the design DNA of the original model, although it has a sleeker and more modern design, with a series of new elements. The appearance of the three-door Mini Cooper no longer holds any secrets and now Mini gives us a look at the interior of the car.

Mini sticks to a round and 24 centimeters large ornament in the center console with which it refers to all predecessors of the Cooper. Unlike the current three- and five-door hatchbacks from Mini, the complete circle is a display. So there is no longer a rectangular screen. There will be no digital instruments behind the steering wheel. The central display and the head-up display are sufficient according to Mini. Below the infotainment screen is a small button island that is visually a bit separate from the rest of the dashboard. Apparently, physical and touch-sensitive buttons are integrated into it. The three-spoke steering wheels have been replaced by two-spoke ones. Yes, just like in the original.

The electric version of the Mini Cooper will include powertrains of 184 hp and 218 hp and can travel up to 450 kilometers on a full battery. There is also a sporty John Cooper Works (JCW) version of it in the barrel.

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