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Notorious BIG’s GMC Yukons SUV That He Was Shot In; See How Much It Is Being Sold



At birth, he was named Christopher George Latore Wallace.

He would later be known world-wide by his professional names: The Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls, B.I.G or simply Biggie.

B.I.G was an American rapper considered by many as one of the best rappers of all time.

On February, 1997, B.I.G traveled to California to promote his upcoming album and also to record a music video for its lead single, “Hypnotize”.

On March 9, 1997, while returning to his hotel room in a GMC Yukons SUV, a black Chevy Impala pulled up besides his SUV. The driver of the Impala rolled down his window, drew a 9 mm blue-steel pistol and fired at the GMC Suburban; four bullets hit B.I.G.

Members of his entourage rushed him to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead at 1:15 a.m.

The GMC Yukons SUV that B.I.G was riding and shot in was acquired by a family, who purchased the restored SUV purely by chance and had no idea of its importance until several years later when they got a postcard from a detective in L.A. saying he needed the car returned for evidence. They had to give it up momentarily but later got it back.

The family later offered it to 64-year-old Gary Zimet, the founder of Moments In Time, a seller of original celebrity historical cars.

The family originally asked that the car be sold for N360million ($1 million), but they later lowered the price to N270million ($750,000).

The GMC Yukons SUV is yet to get a buyer, though it has gotten several interests.


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