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Nyoka 4×4 : Check Out These Made-in-Uganda Armoured Personnel Carriers





These made in Uganda Armoured Personnel Carriers, the Nyoka 4×4, is currently being used by its military and police forces.

The 2 to 9 crew Nyoka Armoured Personnel Carriers can withstand a single anti-tank mine and up to 7kg of TNT anywhere under the hull.



Two years ago, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni officially launched Impala Services and Logistics, an Armoured Vehicle manufacturing and assembly facility in Magamaga Army Barracks, near Jinja.

The project is in conjunction with the Impala Service and Logistics Limited of South Africa

Speaking at the launching, Museveni, who has been in power since 1986, said Africans should wake up and stop its dependence on foreign vehicles.

“I am glad now after a long period of sleep, Africa is waking up because such work is a result of no sleep,”



The 75 year-old president applauded the company for choosing to partner with Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF). He urged further local industrial participation.

Nyoka 4×4

Since the project started, the Impala Services and Logistics has manufactured and assembled dozens of the Nyoka 4×4 Protected Vehicles for the military and police forces in the East African country.




The 2 to 9 crew Armoured Personnel Carrier and its variants are currently being utilised for urban and rural operations.

The Nyoka 4×4 features a ballistic protection that equals to NATO STANAG Level 1. This allows it to withstand a single anti-tank mine anywhere under the hull.


Its Mine blast protection feature allows it to withstand up to 7kg of TNT anywhere under the hull

Its Monocoque hull, fitted with Mercedes Benz remanufactured drive train, allows exceptional on-and-off road performance.


Other features includes Pneumatic operated rear doors; Air-conditioned interior; C-130 transportability; Internal lighting; Shooting ports and Front grill ballistic protection.

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