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These Armoured Vehicles Where Manufactured By Nigerian Company PROFORCE (PHOTOS)



PROFORCE  is a total defense solution provider that specializes in armoured vehicles manufacturing and personal protection. The company’s focus is on the delivery of confidence in protective mobility.

PROFORCE has used its superior craftsmanship to produce outstanding products. They use only Internationally Certified Ballistic Standard Materials. For instance, the CEN Level B7/NIJ IV, CEN B6/NIJ III and Military Standards STANAG 4569 Level 2/2A/2B.

PROFORCE has exploited deep technical know-how to deliver outstanding security solutions. Their clients include Government Agencies, Corporate Bodies, Diplomatic Communities and the Private Sector within Nigeria and Africa.

The company has developed a vibrant market for security and mobile protective products within Nigeria and Africa.

Bulletproof and bomb-proof vehicles produced by PROFORCE come with a lot of advantages. For instance,  they come with adequate protective overlaps around door discontinuities & major joints, on-the-spot manufacturing of ballistic glasses, thereby avoiding quick de-lamination.

PROFORCE vehicles provide tailored solutions in accordance with customers’ requirements. Only internationally certified ballistic raw materials are used to make these vehicles.

Furthermore, in installing run-flat tire inserts on the vehicles, high-grade ballistic steel and composite armours are used for constructing the vehicles.

Proforce was established in 2008 and according to its CEO, Ade Ogundeyin, an engineer, its products are world-class.


The company’s products include Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), Armoured Tanks,
Armoured SUVs, Cash-In-Transit Vehicles (CITs), Tactical Armoured Vehicles (TAVs), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV-Drones), Armoured Saloons and Sedans, Bulletproof Helmets and Vests, Military Trucks, Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs), Armoured Boats and Marine Vessels, Architectural Armouring.

PROFORCE a local company based in Ode-remo in Ogun state,  has had orders from the United Nations and some African countries.

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Photos of some of their products below.

PROFORCE PROFORCE PROFORCE PROFORCE PROFORCE Armoured Vehicles PROFORCE Armoured Vehicles PROFORCE Armoured Vehicles PROFORCE Armoured Vehicles PROFORCE Armoured Vehicles PROFORCE Armoured Vehicles PROFORCE Armoured Vehicles

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