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Porsche Determined To Stick With The Manual Transmission For As Long As Possible




Modern automatics are preferable to manual transmissions for many reasons and the rise of electric driving is a further threat to the manual transmission. More and more brands are therefore announcing the retirement of the manual gearbox, but Porsche is not.

The automatic gearbox has now been so sophisticated that with many brands you can no longer think of a practical reason to choose a manual gearbox over it. More and more models are no longer even available with a manual gearbox and several brands have already announced the end of the manual gearbox. So is Volkswagen, for example, but group member Porsche is taking a different path. After all, there is still a clear reason for brands that emphasize sportiness to keep the manual gearbox alive, as we saw earlier with BMW.

Porsche emphasizes through Frank Moser, primarily responsible for the Porsches 911 and 718, that the manual gearbox is inextricably linked to the 911 for the time being. “Customers always want a manual gearbox (to be able to choose, ed.) in the 911, so we are working on manual transmission for as long as possible. It is absolutely relevant for the 911, which is why we have the 911 Carrera T with manual transmission and now also the 911 S/T, ” said Moser, according to  The Drive. The German only has bad news for those who also want to see the manual transmission enter the electric era at the brand. Electric Porsches will probably not be available with a manual gearbox (whether simulated or not). According to Moser, it is important that the cars remain ‘authentic’ and he therefore does not know whether a (possibly somewhat artificial) manual gearbox deserves a place in an electrified drivetrain.

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