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Man Wears 7 Different Cloths To Match His 7 Difference Rolls Royce Cars






The man in the pictures “Reuben Singh” was racially abused a few weeks ago by a guy calling Reuben’s turban a “bandage” and other nasty things.

One thing led to another and a bet was laid between them for £25,000 for charity, that Reuben couldn’t match his cars to his turban colours for 7 days. 7 turban colours with 7 different cars! Reuben not only smashed the bet he did it with 7 of his Rolls Royce’s. He proved that his “Turban is indeed his crown”

See more photos below.

reuben-singh reuben-singh reuben-singh reuben-singh reuben-singh reuben singh

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