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Rezvani Not Impressed By Tesla’s Cybertruck Bullet-Resistant Claims



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The Tesla Cybertruck was announced years ago with much fanfare. One of the spearheads of the equally angular and beastly pickup is its bullet-resistant sheet metal. The American manufacturer, Rezvani, is certainly not impressed by this. “If you want a car that is truly bulletproof, then you want a Rezvani,” the brand says.

Although the Tesla Cybertruck was only presented in its final form at the end of November last year, CEO Elon Musk already drove the angular pickup onto the stage for the first time in 2019. At the time, Tesla’s marketing machine was working overtime. For the Cybertruck, Tesla has devised, among other things, bullet-resistant sheet metal that, in addition to being extremely heavy, should also make the Cybertruck relatively safe for people who are not only under verbal fire. The American car manufacturer Rezvani, like Tesla, has also fueled its marketing apparatus and is going to war against one of the most striking features of the Cybertruck.

“Let’s be honest: It’s not that hard to make a vehicle bulletproof as long as you have a very narrow definition of the word ‘bullet,'” claims Rezvani. According to Rezvani, a recent YouTube video from the channel JerryRigEverything shows that although the stainless steel sheet metal of the Tesla Cybertruck can stop 9-mm bullets, the bodywork is certainly not resistant to bullets of a larger calibre. “If you have to compete against.223 bullets from an AK47 or ‘even’ 5.56 ammunition, then you want something higher quality than thick steel,” Rezvani continues. According to the small car manufacturer, the sheet metal of the Cybertruck is also potentially dangerous to third parties if it is shot at, as bullets can ricochet.

Why does Rezvani virtually pee on the Tesla Cybertruck? Of course, to promote his goods. Rezvani, which, unlike Tesla, bases its models on products from other brands, sells the bulletproof Rezvani Tank and the Vengeance. According to Rezvani, this duo is equipped with a lightweight body made of composite. This can withstand heavier bullets than those from a 9-mm pistol. “From.22,.357 to 7.62 bullets. Better yet, our cars ‘absorb’ the bullets instead of deflecting them,” says Rezvani, referring to the fact that bullets lodge in the sheet metal of the tank and the Vengeance would stick. Another reason why you, as an American gang member or local mafia boss, should buy a Rezvani: unlike that of the Tesla Cybertruck, the glass of the Rezvani is also bulletproof.

The Rezvani Tank and the Vengeance can also be equipped with safes, bulletproof vests and helmets, a system that can create a smoke screen, night cameras, door handles that can be electrified, and so on. That is also marketing.

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