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Rolls-Royce Might Be Building Something New:The First Autonomous Naval Vessel




Rolls-Royce has had quite an awesome history when it comes to mobility ,in the air ,on land and water .They  have something up their sleeves,this time around its an autonomous naval vessel .

Rolls-Royce has revealed plans for an autonomous naval ship. Using an electric propulsion system, a series of sensors, and AI, it could operate for over 100 days, and would reduce the dangers to crew and cut operational costs.

The ship would be about 60 meters long (196 feet),it can also reach speeds of 25 knots (28mph) and travel over 3500 nautical miles.

It consists of a fully electric 1.5 MW propulsion system ,two Rolls-Royce MTU 4000 Series generators would provide the ship with around 4MW electrical power.A series of solar panels with 3000Kwh storage would provide power to this engineering marvel for as long as necessary ,while storing extra energy.

Here is what the general manager of Rolls-Royce Naval Electrics, Automation and Control, Benjamin Thorp said :

“The operational profile of these platforms will be more complicated than commercial unmanned vessels,”

“They will be expected to sail from A to B on patrol, avoiding ships and other navigational hazards”

“At some point between A and B, they will detect something, maybe a submarine, and the mission will change to tracking and surveillance. The power and propulsion system will then need to adopt an ultra-quiet mode to avoid detection.”

While there has been no partnership yet , Rolls-Royce has been leading the discussion about autonomous naval ships this year.They believe it would be added to fleets in the next 10 years.

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