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Rolls-Royce Sold A Record 5,152 Luxury Cars In 2019, The Highest Ever In Its 116-year History




BMW-owned Rolls-Royce Motor Cars sold a record 5152 luxury cars across more than 50 countries in 2019, the highest annual figure ever in the Rolls-Royce’s 116-year history. That marked a 25% increase over the 4,107 vehicles it sold in 2018.

The Americas remained the Rolls-Royce’s largest market in 2019, with about a third of its sales. This is followed by China and Europe. Russia, Singapore, Australia and Japan all reported record sales.


Despite being dismissed as too big and expensive, the Cullinan was Rolls-Royce’s major contribution to the sales growth in 2019. The 3-ton high-riding SUV, which starts at $330,000, typically retails for over $400,000 after the usual add-ons and customizations.

Rolls-Royce also claims their were high demands for Ghost, Dawn and its top of the line model, the Phantom, as well.

Commenting on the results, Rolls-Royce’s CEO, Torsten Muller-Otvos, said:

“This performance is of an altogether different magnitude to any previous year’s sales success. While we celebrate these remarkable results we are conscious of our key promise to our customers, to keep our brand rare and exclusive. We are pleased and proud to have delivered growth of 25% in 2019.”

Rolls-Royce walks a delicate line between growing sales and keeping its brand special. Rolls-Royce’s CEO, while assuring its customers in keeping its model exclusive, said he expects sales to “stabilize” next year.

“Worldwide demand last year for our Cullinan SUV has driven this success and is expected to stabilise in 2020. It is a ringing testament to the quality and integrity of our products, the faith and passion of our customers and, above all, the skill, dedication and determination of our exceptional team at the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood and around the world and our dedicated global dealer network.”

“While we celebrate these remarkable results, we are conscious of our key promise to our customers, to keep our brand rare and exclusive,”

Rolls-Royce biggest challenge last year was keeping up with demand. BMW Group said that interest in the Cullinan has forced Rolls-Royce motors to work day and night to fulfill orders.

Rolls-Royce said it is making investments in its Goodwood plant in England. Part of it includes hiring more workers to assist the existing ones.