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Dumb Cars Will Be Dead In The Long Run. Only Smart Cars Will Survive




smart cars

Only smart cars will survive as roads are getting connected. They will have to rely heavily on their brainpower to function; Ford CEO Jim Hackett opined.

Imagine a world where cars, roads and traffic lights will all be talking to each other. You certainly can’t have a push to start jalopy in such a world.  

According to Autonews, Hackett is pioneering Ford’s move to connected, electric and autonomous cars. 

“Ford’s future is not about giving up the car,” said Hackett at the Michigan CEO Summit in Detroit. He then added that there are “no dumb cars in the future.”

“We have to evolve these things to be ever smarter,” added Hackett, mentioning how cars in the future will be able to see things that humans can’t.

“For a while, we didn’t see the computer as an integrated aspect. Now, think about it, my vehicle is a rolling computer.” Hackett adds.

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