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Sudanese PM Survives Assassination Attempt After Gunfire And Explosions Targeted His Motorcade




Sudanese PM has survived a failed assassination attempt targeting his motorcade.


Sudanese PM Abdalla Hamdok on Monday survived a failed assassination attempt targeting his motorcade as he headed to work in the capital Khartoum.

Abdalla Hamdok tweeted he was “safe and in good shape” following the explosion and gunfire targeted at his motorcade.



Images posted online showed several damaged white Toyota Sports Utility Vehicles that were part of the minister’s convoy.

His supporters were seen at the site of the attack, chanting :

“With our blood and soul, we redeem you, Hamdok.”



An eyewitness revealed that :

“I saw the moment of the explosion and the strike, and the strike came from a high building”

Information Minister Faisal Salih said an investigation has been launched into who was behind the attack.

“Terrorist attempts and dismantling the old regime will be dealt with decisively. What happened not only targeted the prime minister himself but targeted the Sudanese revolution.”



The attack on the PM comes almost a year after pro-democracy protesters forced the military to remove autocratic President Omar al-Bashir from power.

The current joint military-civilian government, which replaced President Omar al-Bashir, has promised to hold elections in three years.

The U.S. Embassy in Sudan tweeted:

“We continue to support Sudan’s civilian led transitional government and stand in solidarity with the Sudanese people.”

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