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Take A Look At Hyundai’s Smallest SUV Called Casper



When you hear the name Casper, what comes to mind is the “Friendly Ghost”, a series of children’s films and cartoons back in the day. But this Casper is different, alive and comes in an SUV format from Hyundai. Well according to Hyundai they got the Casper name from a skateboard flip trick. Kinda disappointed by that but nonetheless, we should go with the flow.

The signature design feature of the Casper is the large circular LEDs on the front bumper, part of the split-headlights. The base model has a parametric grille design painted in silver, while the “active” variant has a black grille with additional circular intakes for the intercooler, signalling the presence of a turbocharged engine. At the back, the parametric taillights are integrated with the rear windscreen, while the round reflectors are mirroring the look of the front end. Photos of the interior layout remains a mystery as Hyundai didn’t release any image.

Hyundai confirms the Casper is available with either a 1.0-litre naturally aspirated engine or a 1.0-litre turbocharged powerplant. The vehicle measures 11.79 feet (3595 millimetres) long, 5.233 feet (1,595 millimetres) wide, and has a 7.874-foot (2,400-millimeter) wheelbase. This makes the SUV slightly smaller than the Venue.

These are the 1st official photos of the Casper as no one knows whether it will be sold globally but only in India, it has been confirmed aside from its home country (South Korea).

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