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Tesla Begins Hiring Staffs Again After Several Layoffs



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Tesla has been going through a rough patch in the last couple of quarters, and the company has even resorted to several layoffs. It is estimated that around 15-20% of Tesla’s staff were let go earlier this quarter. Elon Musk even fired the team behind Tesla’s Superchargers before rehiring some of them after realizing they were an essential part of Tesla’s development. And before these layoffs, Tesla had essentially been on a hiring freeze. Now, the company is ready to move on to a new chapter.

The company is now hiring hundreds of workers in the US, with most positions in the service and sales sectors. This indicates that things are starting to look up and that the company is again eyeing an expansion. For a while, the only available positions at Tesla were in the AI and robotics departments.

According to internal reports, staff morale has taken a hit. After the mass layoffs, some people lost friends, and others saw their already heavy workload increase even more. That’s why some ex-employees might get their jobs back.

In any case, hiring people in the service and sales sectors is probably a good indicator, as it suggests the company is once again expecting to grow its sales.

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