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Tesla Faces Delivery Delays On Model S And Model X EVs



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In a move that has left potential buyers tapping their feet impatiently, Tesla has extended the estimated delivery times for its Model S and Model X in the United States. The elongated wait period comes on the heels of a significant reduction in the prices of these models, a strategy that seems to have fueled an uptick in demand.

A few months prior, Tesla had slashed the prices of the Model S and Model X by a substantial €12,600 to €17,200, marking a 15.3 to 18.8 percent decrease, depending on the version. This price adjustment, particularly for the entry-level Model X, which boasts a starting MSRP of €74,540, rendered it eligible for a €7,000 federal tax credit.

The aftermath of this price reduction is palpable. The estimated delivery time for the Model S, across all versions, has been pushed to October-November, while for the Model X, buyers are looking at a November-December timeframe. Contrast this with the previous scenario where customers were in for just a several-week wait, and you can sense the growing anticipation.

While the production and supply side of the equation remains a bit of a mystery, it’s plausible to assume that Tesla continues to produce a comparable number of cars for the US market. If this holds true, the attractive new prices have likely lured in additional buyers, contributing to the extended wait times.

Tesla’s pricing strategy has previously demonstrated its efficacy. Earlier this year, the automaker showcased that price indeed plays a pivotal role, managing to uphold and even boost its sales volume in the US and globally through strategic price cuts.

For those meticulously comparing, here’s a breakdown of the effective prices post the adjustments in the US:

  • 2023 Tesla Model S LR AWD 19-inch wheels: €71,410
  • 2023 Tesla Model S LR AWD 21-inch wheels: €75,600
  • 2023 Tesla Model S Plaid 19-inch wheels: €85,390
  • 2023 Tesla Model S Plaid 21-inch wheels: €89,580
  • 2023 Tesla Model X LR AWD 20-inch wheels: €69,080 (After €7,000 tax credit)
  • 2023 Tesla Model X LR AWD 22-inch wheels: €81,190
  • 2023 Tesla Model X Plaid 20-inch wheels: €85,390
  • 2023 Tesla Model X Plaid 22-inch wheels: €90,510

These prices include a Destination fee of €1,300 and an Order Fee of €233, totaling an additional €1,530 for all listed models.

In comparison, the delivery times for the previous Model 3 and Model Y remain relatively short, with orders expected to be fulfilled within a few weeks. However, the automotive grapevine suggests that this might see a change with the introduction to the American market of the Model 3 Highland in the coming months.

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