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Tesla Model Y Becomes The Best-Selling Vehicle In The World



Tesla, the California-based EV brand and one of Elon Musk’s first companies, now builds the best-selling vehicle in the world. Although many global markets have not yet released full-year sales data, preliminary data collected by Jato Dynamics and Car Industry Analysis indicates the Tesla Model Y has taken the lead. The final data will be available in the second quarter.

Data analyst Jato Dynamics keeps a close eye on global new car registration figures. Although the figures for a handful of countries are still missing, it dares to lump together the figures it does have and draw a conclusion. The Tesla Model Y is very likely to be the most popular new car in the world in 2023, it claims. According to Jato Dynamics, the missing figures are unlikely to change anything.

According to preliminary figures, no fewer than 1.23 million Tesla Model Ys were registered worldwide last year, 64 percent more than in 2022. Only in China did Tesla deliver a staggering number of more than 456,000 Model Ys in 2023. This means that the bestseller dethrones the Toyota RAV4. 1.02 million units of this SUV were delivered in 2022. This gave the RAV4 the first position that year. According to Jato’s preliminary figures, 1.07 million RAV4s will be registered in 2023. More than in 2022, but not enough for first place, although the Japanese are still expected to finish in a very respectable second place. The Toyota Corolla is at number three, with 1.01 million units delivered.

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