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Tesla Offers New Model S And X Buyers Free Supercharging For 3 Years



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Tesla has a special promo running until June 30 – people that order and take delivery of a new Model S or Model X will get three years of free supercharging. Tesla says that the promo could end at any moment before June 30. It’s also for private buyers only.

Tesla’s also trying to entice existing Model S and X owners with free lifetime Supercharging to trade in their old cars for a new Model S or X and they’ll get both a $5,000 trade-in bonus, as well as six years of free Supercharging.

That promotion requires a current owner with unlimited free Supercharging to trade in their car, or remove the unlimited Supercharging from their vehicle and take delivery of a new Model S or Model X by June 30.

It seems Tesla is doing everything possible to appease their customers as this is a welcome development for intending buyers. The company is going through a lot and this will put faith back in the EV company in the service department.

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