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Tesla Truck Records Quickest 0-60mph Under 5 Seconds





Tesla is charting a new course for trucks via the Tesla Semi, a futuristic truck that can attain 500 miles range and only requires 5 seconds to reach a speed of 60 mph. The company also mentions that the automobile can travel 500 miles nonstop only under highway conditions and full towing capacity of 80,000 lbs.

When the trailer is uncoupled, Tesla Semi can reach 96km/h (60mph) under 5 seconds; it will, however, require up to 20 seconds in attaining the same speed when fully loaded to its 80,000 lbs load capacity. This new speed is faster than anything ever recorded in a diesel truck available today.

The Tesla Semi can attain this unprecedented speed in the truck world thanks to its four independent electric motors that drive its four rear wheels. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, said the truck would never get jackknife since it is programmed to adjust its torque using the four independent rear wheels.

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Additionally, each unit of the truck will come with Enhanced Autopilot as a standard feature. As a result, the truck will feature autonomous braking, as well as an automatic lane-keep assist.

Tesla Semi is the first truck ever made by this global automobile company. Despite that, it promises to be highly reliable. Tesla is giving a guarantee to its prospective buyers that the truck will never develop any fault during its first one million miles.

Furthermore, the truck will feature Megachargers, which only requires 30 minutes to charge the battery for a 400 miles journey.        

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