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Toyota Recorded Positive Sales For The Month Of November



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The largest car manufacturer in the world, Toyota, has never sold so many cars in November. Due to continued demand for the brand’s vehicles in North America and Europe, the company sold more than 986,000 cars worldwide. This also includes four-wheelers from Hino Motors and Daihatsu.

Sales increased by 12 percent compared to a year earlier. More than a million cars rolled off the production line worldwide last month. Business has been going well for the Japanese automaker all year. Sales and production of hybrid cars, among other things, increased, as did those of electric cars. This means that Toyota is continuing to catch up with competing companies such as the American Tesla and the Chinese BYD.

Toyota was confronted with problems at Daihatsu last week. The subsidiary was found to have manipulated research data on crash safety. This would have already started in 1989. Daihatsu will therefore no longer supply cars and parts until January. All companies the company supplies will be compensated, Daihatsu previously said. It is not yet clear how much money that will cost.

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