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Twitter User Narrates How One Man Almost Killed Everybody In A Danfo



Lagos is a strange place.If you have never boarded a Danfo then you are missing a lot .

Check out this twitter user’s experience.

How It All Started


An Unexpected Turn Of Events

For those who don’t understand Yoruba, here is a “loose” transalation

  1. Man : Ehn ! what does that mean, let him assasinate .
  2. Man: I said you should not tell me that !, let him assasinate , if his mates are assasinating, then let him assasinate !
  3. Half of the bus: I will stop here ooh
  4. Half of the bus: I am coming down
  5. Man : Driver stop at ile-epo bus stop

The Whole Situation Gets Worse

1.Driver:Come down, come down

2.Driver:Are you not coming down again?

3.Man :Keep going let me come down at Iyana Ipaja

4.Driver : Let me go and drop this hired killer

5.Whole Bus : Let us come down oo

6.Whole Bus : We want to come down

7.Driver: This bus can’t stop again , I can only stop at Iyana Ipaja

ta ran ta  ran  ta ran ta ran *phone rings*

The Mystery Is Unleashed

  1. I got lost here too :), someone save me  !!
  2. Man : Look here,let that child assasinate, anything his mates are doing , let him do it too, if his mates are assasinating, let him assasinate too !!.
  3. Lady: Daddy its not assasinate , its assimilate . 🙂
  4. Driver: Who and who wants to come down
  5. Elderly Women : It will not be well with English, turning somebody to a mad man in Lagos 🙂
  6. Elderly Women : Its not baba’s fault  🙂

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