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A Useful Way To Tell Which Side Of Your Car The Fuel Cap Is Located



How many times,before and during this fuel scarcity have you pulled up to the filling station,got out of your car only to find your fuel cap is on the other side?

It’s frustrating and it has happened to us all at some stage, whether you’re driving a new car,share one with your family/friend,or just feeling forgetful, and it can put you in an embarrassing situation.

So next time you get into your car have a look at the fuel gauge and you will see a little fuel pump symbol, and at the side of that symbol you will see a little triangle or arrow.

This arrow points to the side of the car that the fuel cap is located. This can be found on most new vehicles.
If you don’t see a triangle or arrow,which is common to old cars,then your fuel cap is on the same side that the nozzle and hosepipe appear on the fuel pump symbol.

I know with this little tip,you’ll never have to stick your head out the window again to check which side the fuel cap is at the filling station.








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