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Volvo Moves Electric Car Production From China To Belgium



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Volvo Cars production of electric cars is being moved from China to Belgium. The Swedish car manufacturer is thus preparing for the European Union’s upcoming decision on whether or not to increase import tariffs for Chinese electric car manufacturers.

The British newspaper The Times reports this based on insiders. Volvo Car is majority owned by China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.

According to the newspaper, this would concern the production of the EX30 and EX90 models. The sources tell The Times that the original idea was to stop sales of these Chinese-made cars in Europe. “Sources close to the company emphasized that suspending sales of electric cars made in China was no longer being considered,” the British Daily now writes.

The EU is expected to inform Chinese electric car exporters this week about a possible increase in import tariffs. This would then come into effect on July 4. At the moment, that rate is still 10 percent.

Trade tensions between the European Union and China increased after Brussels announced an investigation into subsidies for electric cars from the Asian country. The European Commission also recently opened several investigations into tenders in which Chinese companies may participate with state support.

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