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10 Facts About Chevrolet Camaro That Would Wow You



Chevrolet has been making ground breaking technology and lovable cars since we can remember . But the Camaro is one car that wins the heart of just about anyone who sees it .

Let ‘s learn a few things about the Camaro



It was first introduced on June 28th 1966,but delivery to customers started around September.


They have one major goal in mind at all times :flog Mustang hands down in every way.


It wasn’t supposed to be called Camaro,at a point it almost became Chevrolet Panther .

Thats is one, of the other possible 2000 names that were considered !.


There are a lot of rumors about why its named Camaro

-The official company line in 1966 says its an old French slang for camaraderie and friendship

-Some company staffs told the press that its a small terrifying animal that eats Mustangs 

-(In Morgan Freeman’s Voice)……Legend has it that it was named after a rare diseases that kills horses(that is ,Mustangs).

-In actual fact according to them its a “unique” name that met Chevrolet naming convention with letter C eg Corvette, Chevelle, Corvair. *yinmu* 


Even back then when technology was still budding ,it had eight(8) engine options to choose from .


The International Race Of Champions used only Camaros all the way from 1975 till 1989.


The 2nd generation Camaro was produced for 11 years, making it the longest Camaro production run.


The 2010 Camaro was recorded as having an 18-hour assembly time per car !.


The first Camaro with a four cylinder engine in 30 years is the 2016 LT.



This list is definitely not going to end without mentioning the Transformers movie

The 2010 Bumblebee  was built on a Pontiac GTO chassis.

The Camaro has appeared in well over 2,500 movies and shows !.

Know any we did not add ?

Lets hear from you.

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