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5 Reasons Why Carsharing Makes You Proud



Not mine, not yours, but ours – our car. User figures worldwide show that carsharing is becoming increasingly popular. “Proud to Share” is the new brand claim from car2go, the international market leader in free-floating carsharing. Currently, a total of 2.6 million customers and more than 600 employees worldwide are already proud carsharers with car2go. For those who are not yet convinced, car2go presents five reasons why sharing a car with others makes you proud:

  1. “Garages are for bands”. Carsharing frees up space in the cities. A private car stands around in a parking space or garage for around 20 hours a day. A carsharing car from car2go is used up to six-times more frequently. Following the mottos “street festivals instead of parking lots” and “garages are for bands”, by sharing vehicles carsharing customers free up space in cities. This can then be used for nicer things than parking.
  2. “Mo’ money, mo’ problems”? Save money with carsharing. Rapper The Notorious B.I.G. believes that having more money only brings more problems. But that’s a matter of opinion! Compared to car owners, car2go customers benefit by not having to pay for repairs, the safety inspection, vehicle tax, fuel, parking tickets or tyre changes. Everything is included in the minute price – for all types of cars, from the Mercedes-Benz CLA to the smart.
  3. Eco and cool: carsharing contributes long-term to cleaner city air. People cannot survive on just air and love – but almost. Carsharing has been proven to have positive effects on air quality in cities. Studies show that flexible carsharing reduces the number of cars in the cities. Older vehicles are replaced with new, low-emission models – or even electric cars. In three car2go cities, customers already make use of the 1,400 electric smarts and Mercedes-Benz B-Class cars, further cities are to follow.
  4. As a carsharing customer, be part of a group – and still be a trendsetter. car2go currently has 2.6 million customers who all want to be able to travel independently and flexibly. Market research shows that car2go serves an urban, very cosmopolitan target group, which values individuality but still wants to act sustainably and likes to see themselves as part of something bigger. And, as figures don’t lie, here’s more: the Frost & Sullivan management consultancy predicts that by 2025, 36 million people will use carsharing worldwide. Carsharing customers are no longer avant-garde, but they are still trendsetters!
  5. “Sharing is caring”! There is so much truth behind the well-known phrase that it needs to be mentioned here. After all: every carsharing customer makes a small contribution to improving life in cities by sharing a car with others. When all these small contributions are added together, the global car2go community makes a big difference. Studies also show: people who share and do good things make not only others happy, but also themselves.

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