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11 Safety Tips For Pedestrians



Hello,  folks ! ,today we would be going through some tips for pedestrians,in no particular order, here we go:

1.Shine Your Eyes !

This is something you have probably learn’t all your life ,but some people have forgotten.Always look left,look right ,look left again then…….hold up !, don’t cross yet because there are some drivers that come out of corners or drive against traffic on a one way road ,unexpectedly.Always make sure the road is clear enough before crossing.

2.Beware Of Flowing Clothes

Especially for the ladies beware of flowing gowns,when walking by the road side ,so you don’t get caught up by a fast moving car or truck !.Trust me its gonna be fatal if that happens.

3.Listening To Music

You need maximum concentration when walking by the road side ,not just when driving ,so….pull out the ear plugs !!!.

4.Making Calls

If you have to pick a phone call or make a phone call,its safer to stop ,stand and make your call.Also don’t make calls while crossing roads,its not safe people ! ,you can easily get distracted from what is going on, on the road, while crossing.

5.Walking/Jogging Direction

Its best to face on-coming traffic when walking or jogging ,so next time cross over to the other side or take the pedestrian bridge and face on-coming traffic.

6.Be Alert And Ready

Always stay alert !!!,for the few minutes you would be on the road ,forget about all your problems and focus !!!.We know the country is hard but the bonnet of cars are also hard !!!.Stay alive !!.


Its best to stay sober when walking or driving on the road,so next time you are “high” call a cab!!,so you don’t stager into an on-coming vehicle.

8.Don’t Depend Fully On Traffic Lights

I got hit one day ,because I depended fully on traffic lights and I assumed all the vehicles stopped on red.Luckily for me it was a tricycle(Maruwa).Always confirm and re-confirm there are no on-coming vehicle even after the traffic light turns red.

9.Don’t Obstruct Your Vision

Errmm I am really trying to understand why people wear safety goggles or tinted glasses…oooo sorry ,sun shades at night .Make sure nothing obstructs your vision.

10.Use Sidewalks

Sidewalks are there for a reason they have slabs(concrete barriers)to protect pedestrians in case of any accident,so use them !.

11.Bridge It !

Always use pedestrian bridges as much as possible,forget about the stress and think about your life.

12.Don’t Slip !

In an event where there are no pedestrian bridges and you have to cross wide roads when its raining ,be careful not to slip when running,some shoes and slippers soles are worn out and produce little or no friction.So its best to pull them off and run with your bare feet.

Hope you enjoyed this guys !.

Don’t forget to comment and share with friends, there is love in sharing ,besides you would be saving some lives.


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