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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Mercedes Benz



mercedes benz logo

mercedes benz logo

There is no doubt that Mercedes Benz is one of the best automakers in the world. The Mercedes Benz is known for their various classes of cars. You can get to know the 17 classes of The Mercedes Benz Brand.

Without wasting much time, these are the 15 things you didn’t know about Mercedes Benz.


1. Mercedes Benz was established by two German auto companies run by Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler and Karl Friedrich Benz.

They both merged to create the Daimler Benz company in 1926. Soon after, it was renamed to Mercedes Benz.


2. The first joint car ever that Daimler and Benz jointly produced was the 770 model which Hitler was known to drive with bulletproof windshield.


3. The Mercedes Benz slogan is “The Best or Nothing”.


4. Mercedes Benz is an excellent source of inspiration for future billionaires due to their luxury mindset and forward thinking ways.

If we no drive Benz wetin we gain?


5. Karl Benz created the first modern automobile. He was to create and patent the modern automobile in 1886.

His car was called the Patent MotorWagenn and was comprised of 3 wheels. The car just had 0.9hp. His wife financed and marketed this invention.


6. Mercedes name came from an 11-year-old girl.

The name ‘Mercedes’ came as a result of an Austrian Diplomat, Jellinek, who’s a racing enthusiast.
He insisted that the series of 36 sports cars he ordered from Daimler be named after the11-year-old daughter whose name is Mercedes.

After the sports cars were delivered to him in 1901, he dominated in every racing event he entered with those sports cars. Daimler decided to stick to the name after the car quickly developed an impressive reputation. They trademarked the brand in 1902.


7. Berth Benz was the first person to take a road trip in a modern automobile.

Berth, wife of Karl Benz brought national attention to Benz Patent Motorwagen. She and her sons drove the car over 130 miles round trip.

First time an automobile was driven this considerable distance. She took off without telling the husband hoping to prove the viability of the invention.


8. Mercedes Benz has a partnership with Kempinski hotels.

Kempinski is a 5 star hotel in Germany. Guests at the hotel have access to the luxurious and powerful Mercedes AMG-GTS. They can drive the car during their stay in the hotel.

They are encouraged to take the car to the surrounding mountains around the hotel for a driving experience like no other.

The hotel also uses G-Class and S-Class for their exclusive shuttle service.


9. Mercedes Maybach S650 Cabriolet is the most expensive model to date.

It was unveiled in 2016 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
It is limited to 300 units and it comes with a price tag of $320, 000. This car is focused on luxury and high performance feature. It comes with 621hp turbocharged V12 engine.

As a bonus, buyers of the car get a set of luggage made of the same leather that is used on the seats.


10. The 3 pointed star logo almost had a 4th point added.

The 3 pointed star in the Mercedes Benz logo represents Mercedes’ dominance on land, air and water.
There were contemplations to add the fourth point to represent space.


11. Karl Benz Was given the first drivers license.

Karl Benz was the first to secure a license to operate a motor vehicle in 1888.

He requested for written permission from local authorities.


12. The S-Class Mercedes Benz now comes with a perfuming system.

Renowned perfumer, Sabine Engelhardt, developed 4 scents that would be available for the perfume atomizer that would be included in S-Class models.

They are called freeside mood, sports mood, nightlife mood and downtown mood. All designed with the ideas of luxury and quality life.


13. The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG has explosive doors.

The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG was in production between the years 2011 to 2015. Explosive charges are built into the hinge pins of the doors.

It would be triggers to explode by yanking on the door handles after the car is upside down for short amount of time.

This feature was added for the safety of their customers and to comply with federal mandates that a door must be operational in the event of a rollover crash.


14. The First car in Nepal Was a Mercedes Benz. It was a special gift to the king of Nepal by Hitler in 1940.

He sent him a 1939 Mercedes Benz. Numerous laborers had to carry the car to the state capital due to lack of roads. The car was used regularly by the king until he died in 1955.

It was used by engineers to train mechanics in the country and it’s now being displayed in their museum.


15. A 1954 Mercedes Benz W196 is the 3rd most expensive car ever sold at auction.

It was among the group of race cars that won 9 Road championship qualifying grand pre-races in 1954 and 1955.

It is the only w196 race car not housed in a museum or owned by Mercedes Benz. The car was sold in February 2016 in an auction in UK for $30,433,000. This made it the 3rd behind the two Ferraris in the first and second position.


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