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5 Advanced Car Safety Features That Will Be Very Useful To Nigerian Drivers



car safety automated collision notification

The safety of a car is one of the major factors car manufacturers and car users put into consideration. It is possible to see a car packed with much enticing technology but scrap when it comes to safety.

There are governing bodies that are set out to test how safe a car is for the users. They are behind the reason why there are these Mandatory Safety Features for Cars By 2021.

This means that any car being produced from the year 2021 should have all those safety features. Volvo automobile company is well known for their excellent safety reputation and is on top of the game when it comes to safety. You can check out these 10 Safety Features in Cars Invented by Volvo.

As the day breaks, more car safety features are evolving. It’s not just the seatbelt and the airbag again, more are piling up.

Some of these latest safety features is what we would love to share with you. They would be very useful to Nigerian drivers and it will go a long way in saving lives.

1. Night Vision System:

The night vision system we have always seen in movies is the night vision goggle mostly used by soldiers. It is basically the same thing.

The automotive night vision system is designed to enable drivers enhance their vision in an adverse driving condition.

The system may have an LCD display or a heads up display on the windscreen from which the driver could see better to avoid obstacles that he couldn’t see clearly with bare eyes.

The two main types of this automotive night vision system include the one that uses thermographic camera and the one that uses infrared light source to illuminate the road. Whichever it is, it gives an enhanced night vision to the driver and safety is improved.
car safety feature night vision

2. Electronic Stability control:

This safety feature is there to checkmate the actions of the driver. It helps the driver to maintain control for various circumstances. The electronic stability control compares the behavior of the vehicle to the driver’s input. It will then balance things up for a smoother and safer ride.

One of the scenarios where the electronic stability control comes to play is in the cases of over-steer or under-steer; the safety feature will take corrective action to remedy the situation.
car safety electronic stability control

3. Automatic Braking:

This system will help reduce collision due to miscalculation or human error. The function of this automatic braking system is to help reduce the speed of a vehicle prior to a collision. The automatic braking system makes use of sensors to scan the front of your car; brakes are automatically applied if an object is detected. The driver doesn’t need to slam the brake pedal for it to be effective.

This automatic braking feature come hand-in-hand with other features like adaptive cruise control.
car safety automatic braking

4. Automated collision notification:

This feature is not for accident prevention by the way. It becomes useful after the accident must have occurred. The system is designed to automatically call for help when the accident have occurred. The good part of the system is that it automated. This means it will function even if the occupants in the car are helpless and unconscious.

The system will help call emergency services for help.

This might not be very effective in Nigeria with the way things are at the moment.
car safety automated collision notification


5. Adaptive headlights:

A lot of people don’t like driving at night because of the high beam that goes directly to their brain from headlamps of other cars.

Some people are so inconsiderate that they can’t adjust their headlights to make life easier for other drivers; they just fix it at high beam all through their journey.

The work of this adaptive headlight is to help drivers be considerate as they ought to be. It is capable of adjusting the brightness and angles of the beam to avoid blinding other drivers.

This safety feature is not a selfish one. It helps save the lives of other drivers and road users.
car safety adaptive headlights


Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.