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Which Of These 6 Things Is The Scariest When Driving?



scariest driving

scariest driving

Getting scared when faced with danger isn’t abnormal. It simply means you’re human.

No matter how much you try to hide or suppress the fear, there are times you would experience fast rush of adrenaline down your spine.

We are much concerned about the various driving conditions that are scary.

Which of these 6 things do you think is the scariest of all?

1. Brake failure:

Brake failures occur unannounced; they just happen. Have you been in a situation where you slam your brakes and your car is still speeding as though nothing happened?

It is scary. There is no doubt your heart will skip a bit. In case your brake fails what should you do? You can read our post on What Should I Do If My Car Brake Fails?.

brake malfunction signal


2. Stuck gas pedal:

Stuck pedal is another scary thing you still wouldn’t want to come across. Imagine gradually piloting the affairs of your car and suddenly your gas pedal gets depressed and won’t come up again. This stuck gas pedal is electrical/mechanical failure that can happen to any vehicle. Here is the Quick Steps On How To Handle A Stuck Accelerator Pedal.

stuck pedal


3. Tyre blowout:

The loud noise from a tyre blowout and the jerking you will experience on your steering wheel is enough to sprout much fear in you.

The scare you get from a tyre blowout is tantamount to the size of the tyre. The scare you’ll get from a tyre that will fit in 17 rims won’t be the say with a Mac truck tyre. Don’t fail to read Expert Advise On What To Do To Properly Handle A Tyre Blowout , it might be of help someday.


4. Car caught up in fire:

There are several reasons why a car can catch fire. It can be as simple as fog lamp wiring error and as complex as fuel system leak.

Top 10 Causes of Car Fires.

Any man in his right senses will be gripped by fear if his car should catch fire; no matter how minor the fire is.

5. Your car suddenly going off in Lagos traffic:

Lagos is a city where you wouldn’t want your car to breakdown on the road. People will unleash their frustration on you. For the learners and newbies, this can be a very scary moment.

A bad alternator can make your car to suddenly go off. Bad or failing fuel pump can give rise to this as well.


6. Driving without complete documents:

Some drivers get frightened at the sight of some law enforcement officials especially the police (SARS) and FRSC. This is scare is much especially when you’re not complete as you supposed.

On seeing those FRSC officials, you might start wondering if your taillight is still functional; if your extinguisher is in place etc.

Some people don’t jitter by the way.




Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.

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