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5 Common Signs Of A Failing Car Fuel Pump



car fuel pump

Fuel pump problem is one of the most frustrating car faults your car can give you. The work of this fuel pump is to pump fuel from the fuel tank of your car to the engine where it is needed.

When the fuel pump malfunctions, there will be problem in the way your car behaves. Just like when there is not proper blood circulation in the body.

This post is to bring to the notice of various car owners symptoms that they should be aware of about a malfunctioning fuel pump. When you notice these symptoms, proper preventive measures should be taken before the situation gets worst.

This fuel pump is an essential component of internal combustion engine. When the fuel pump starts malfunctioning, it either delivers too much or little fuel from the gas tank to the engine.

The two main purpose of this fuel pump is to pump fuel from the gas tank to the fuel injector or carburetor and then to create the proper amount of pressure to ensure that the right amount of fuel will be delivered to the engine, regardless of external conditions.

Below are the symptoms of a failing fuel pump:

1. Your car jerks especially at high speed:
It might be a sign of a failing fuel pump when you notice your car jerk at high speed. This problem comes up because the fuel pump can’t deliver smooth flow of fuel to the engine, hence the jerking. This interruption causes the engine to skip several power strokes.

This jerking effect might last for some minutes and then return to normal

2. Your car lose power when accelerating:
Your fuel pump may be in trouble when you notice your car often loses power when you try to accelerate. In accelerating, more fuel is required which forces the pump to work a little bit harder. If the fuel pump is failing, it won’t be able to deliver. It will just starve your engine of the fuel it needs.
In essence, if your car is very reluctant when you try to accelerate from a stop, know something is wrong.

3. Your car starts losing power while driving uphill or towing a load:
When the fuel pump start failing, certain driving activities like climbing uphill seems to be tug of war. You start having that feeling of your car struggling to take 50 bags of cement uphill; whereas, it’s not carrying anything.

4. Your engine starts surging:
You may find your car suddenly accelerating even when you did not depress the gas pedal of your car.

5. Your car won’t start:
This is the final bus-stop of a failing fuel pump. This is the end result you get after ignore other warning signs of a failing fuel pump. When there is no life in the fuel pump, it can never again supply fuel to the engine. Imagine what happens when there is no flow of blood from the body to the heart. That’s what will happen to your car.

To be sure it’s fuel pump, check your car’s fuse box; a blown fuel pump fuse is another reliable symptom of a failed pump.

If in any way you start noticing all these symptoms, have your car checked.
It’s good you know that there are other car faults that can bring about these symptoms. So make sure you have your car checked by the right people.


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