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2009 Toyota Land Cruiser Delivered By Autojosh (Photos And Video)



Another vehicle has been imported by yours truly Autojosh. We present this Toyota Land Cruiser that was preordered by a client. The SUV was delivered last week after it was imported from Al Nahda Dubai. The Land Cruiser is a 2009 model that is facelifted to 2011/2012 model, and it arrived through a shipping container from the Jebel Ali Port in Dubai.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a fan favourite SUV in Nigeria as you can see that executives are mostly seen cruising it.  The 2009 Land Cruiser has come a long way as a very capable off-road SUV and its very strong. Despite its toughness, it comes loaded with luxury features like beautiful gray wheels, zenon and LED lights, keyless entry, push button start, DVD etc. There are other features that are too numerous to mention as this SUV is full of it.

Do you intend to buy and import your vehicle from, the USA, Canada or UAE (Dubai)? Don’t hesitate to call us at Autojosh today. We are ever ready to serve and partner with you on your dream to import a car into Nigeria. You can also see photos of some cars we have delivered to our clients HERE.

Photos Of The Toyota LandCruiser delivered

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