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2025 Honda Civic Facelift Teased In Only Hybrid Variant



In April 2021, Honda launched the current and eleventh generation of the Civic on the automotive market. The model debuted in the United States as a four-door sedan and was later also available in hatchback form, also for Europe. In the same country where the current Honda Civic first smelled the light of day, it now shows the subtly facelifted variant.

Honda will keep extensive information—just like extensive images—under wraps for the time being. The Civic gets a revised front with a grille that is more open than that of the current model. Also new is the body-colored piece of plastic that visually separates the headlights from the grille. Furthermore, the front bumper has been adjusted. We see, among other things, vertical openings on the corners and a wider bottom cooling opening. It is great news for the American market that the current Civic will be available with hybrid powertrains. In Europe, the Civic—if we forget the Type R for a moment—is only available as a hybrid e-HEV. We also aim for the Honda Civic to receive a refreshed infotainment system.

Dealers will receive their first Civic Hybrids this summer, and Honda says electrified models should account for around 40 percent of sales. Honda has been big on hybrids of late, with a greater emphasis on hybrid models for the Accord and CR-V. In a news release, the company said that it sold 361,457 CR-V Hybrids in 2023, making it the most popular hybrid vehicle in the US.

2025 Honda Civic Facelift Teased In Only Hybrid Variant 2025 Honda Civic Facelift Teased In Only Hybrid Variant

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