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24 Strange Motoring And Traffic Laws From Around The World



If you thought that driving on the left or the right side of the road and keeping an eye on traffic signals is all you need to drive a vehicle around the world, you are absolutely wrong.

From fines for dirty cars to legal drink driving, there are some pretty crazy driving laws around the world.

Here are just a few of these weird rules of the road.

1) In Rockville, Maryland, it’s illegal to curse in public, else you could be asked to pay a fine up to $100 or can be booked in jail up to 90 days.

2) In Switzerland, slamming your car door is strictly prohibited

3) In San Francisco, car owners are forbidden by law to polish their vehicles with used underwear

4) In Glendale, Arizona, it is illegal to drive your car backwards

5) In the city of Cicero, it is not allowed to whistle on public streets on Sundays.

6) In Australia, it is forbidden to transport hay in the boot of your own car, but you can take all the hay you want in a taxi, if it fits.

7) In Milford, Massachusetts, it is forbidden to peep into car windows.

8) It is illegal to drive shirtless in Thailand. Anyone caught can receive a ticket or a small fine.

9) In Russia it is illegal to drive a dirty car. Drivers caught with a motor that doesn’t look clean can land a $38 on the spot fine.  

10) In Singapore drivers must keep at least 50 meters away from pedestrians. This can see drivers receive an immediate fixed penalty charge.

11) In Italy, driving with snow chains or winter tires are compulsory when driving on snow. If you don’t skid off the road, failing to comply could cost you £71. 

12) Drivers in Finland are required to pay a yearly subscription costing $45/year in order to be able to play the music they desire when a passenger is in the car .

13) It is illegal to stop on the Autobahn even if you run out of petrol. Autobahn is the German highway with no official speed limit .Stopping on the Autobahn will land you a ticket and a small fine.

14) If you wear prescription glasses, it’s necessary to carry a spare pair in your car under law, else you can be fined in Spain

15) In Cyprus, drivers must keep their hands on the wheel at all times (even when eating, drinking or gesturing). Motorists caught can land themselves with four penalty points and a small fine .

16) Splashing a pedestrian with your car is illegal in both the UK and in Japan.In fact in the Uk this fine can rise up to £1,000 if your case goes to court.

17) In Finland, not reporting an accident involving a large animal is illegal and will see you receive a fine that is based on your income meaning the bigger earners are hit harder. 

18) In the UK it its illegal to urinate in public unless you’re by the rear wheel touching your car.

19) In Manila, the number of days you can driver per week is limited depending on the last four digits on your licence plate and carries a small fine.

20) In Botswana animals must not be carried on a motorcycle if they obstruct the driver’s view. Doing so could lan you a £368 fine.

21) In Costa Rica, it’s OK to drink at the wheel as long as you stop before you get drunk. You will not receive a penalty if you’re not drunk. 

22) In France, having the speed camera set up on your sat-nav is illegal and can make you lose your licence and vehicle confiscated.

23) Drivers in Denmark must check for sleeping children underneath their cars before setting off or face a stern word from authorities. 

24) In Sweden,where it is normally cold, it’s necessary to keep your headlights on 24 hours a day. You cannot turn your car’s lights off even if it’s June and weather looks just fine.

Do you want the Government to implement any of these Motoring And Traffic laws in Nigeria?