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Amazing 360° Video Shows Exactly What Google’s Waymo Driverless Car Actually See



Here’s how to explore the video in 360-degrees to show the mind-blowing vision of the robo-car.

On mobile, move your phone around to explore in all directions.

On desktop, use your mouse to drag the video around your screen.

If you have Cardboard, tap the Cardboard icon in the bottom right of the YouTube player, insert your phone into Cardboard, and look around.

If you have Google Daydream View, just place your phone into the headset.

The video states: “All this technology, which allows Waymo to see, identify, predict and plan should make an extraordinary ride feel completely ordinary.

Using cameras, sensors and radars, the Waymo Chrysler minivans pick up pedestrians, traffic signs, junctions and other motors.

The video shows the vast number of calculations it makes every second with an amazing image revealing just what needs to be considered at a busy junction.

Sitting at a red light, the Google Waymo car picks up each car and works out their speed and distance.

It can tell what each traffic light is currently showing, search for pedestrians that are crossing up ahead and plot the safest path to take once the lights go green.


The virtual picture is created by the cars beaming millions of lasers into the surroundings every second.

Radar can pick up speeds and distances with the HD cameras looking for visual info like signs and traffic lights.

Clever software puts all this info together to tell the car exactly what is going on ,much better than the humble human eye.

And because the car sees so far down the road it’ll be able to react well before a regular driver might.

Waymo’s project started back in 2009 and has racked up millions of miles of testing.It is now capable of driving completely unaided.

Are you still in doubt that a driverless car isn’t as good as a human? You better think again