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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A White Car



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Should I buy a white car or not? This can be a tough decision for some people to make when it comes to car colour. The colour you choose for your car all boils down to personal preference or even what is obtainable at the moment you want to purchase a car. While some people will tell you they can never buy a particular car colour, some still don’t give a damn what colour their car comes in.  We are right to say different strokes for different folks.

White coloured cars have an upper hand among other colours; at the end of reading this write-up, you’ll find out the reasons why. If at a point you’ve ever asked yourself why you should buy a white car, just know you’re in the right place to get answers to that question.

Below are the 5 reasons why you should consider getting a white car;

1. White cars are cheaper:

White cars are relatively cheaper when compared to other colours. This is so because the colour white is the base colour of all cars in general, hence, they are usually available to buy at no extra cost. To paint a clearer picture, you can make a survey to understand more; you can walk into a car stand or go online. Check the prices of a particular car in white colour and it’s price in some other colour like wine red. You’ll surely notice the difference in price.

2. White cars are cooler when hot:

Science has proven that white coloured materials reflect heats rather than absorb them. This principle is applicable on white coloured cars. Being in a white coloured car when the sun is at its best is bearable compared to when in a black car. Having a white car will help reflect heat coming from the sun. This reflection of heat keeps the car cooler from the inside when the temperature is hot from the outside.

3. Dust is less visible on white cars:

Dust deposition would be less visible on a white car when compared to several other colours especially black. You’ll will worry less driving through dusty roads after you must have washed your car sparkling clean.

4. White cars are easier to maintain and repair:

We don’t need a rocket scientist to prove to us that White cars are easier to maintain than coloured cars. They have comparatively low body maintenance cost because when there any scratches, dents or damage to the exterior of a white car, the cost of repainting it is reasonable because white is the base colour for all cars. Assuming a part of a white car get damaged and was resprayed, it easily blend when compared to some other colours.

5. Protected with Titanium Dioxide:

White paint contains a pigment called Titanium Dioxide which is durable and protects surfaces from cracks and colour fading.

In a nutshell, the colour you choose for your car is a personal preference, but if you’re looking for all these pros mentioned above, you should go for a white car. You stand to gain a lot.

Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.